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Founded in 2017 in Los Angeles California, No Limit Super Gym was created from a foundation of hard work, discipline, and results. Built differently and designed for those who are ready for the next level of training and a healthy mind and body. No Limit Super Gym is a unique and unmatched user experience and good vibes.

The franchise that we offer is for No Limit Super Gym, a fitness facility that combines art, culture, music, and architecture in a gym featuring multi-discipline training, lifting, boxing, basketball, a health-conscious food and juice bar and, other products and services where members get the most effective workout. 

We offer individual unit Gym franchises and area development franchises for the development of multiple Gyms within a designated territory. We offer continuous support with launching trainings, field support, scheduled monthly and annual meetings, advertising, purchasing etc. US markets are available for multi-unit and single investors.


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